DIY Balayage: Low maintenance hair for the lazy girl

This is pretty much the easiest hair color to go to after you’ve gone blonde. If you have seen my past hair color adventure – going blonde, you can conclude I have gone lazy and refused to do root retouch.

I went from blonde – Brunette – awkward blonde/ brunette after brazillian blowout – ombre to balayage.

This hair color is perfect for those who have already colored hair.

Why go Balayage?

  • Easy to maintain
  • Requires little to zero retouch sesh
  • Doesn’t completely ruin your hair cos most of the work will be on the tips and not your roots.

What you will need: 

  • Bleaching powder and 6% – 12% oxidizing lotion (Ratio 1:1) – only needed if coming from black or brunette colored hair.
  • Cleartone* and 6% oxidizing lotion (Ratio 1:1)
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Coloring Brush
  • Gloves
  • Hair Keratin treatment (lots of them)

*You may need two of these if you want to achieve a really light color / platinum blonde on the tips. You can have a second cleartone sesh after a week or so. Don’t burn your hair girl.

*These items can be bought in the nearest HBC / Hortaleza.


If you’re coming from black hair: 

  • Bleach your hair tips, about 3-4 inches, depending on your hair length. Leave it for about 45 minutes. Wash and dry.
  • Apply cleartone dye, 1 inch from your roots to the tips. This is get rid of the orange bleach hair color and turn it to yellow blonde. Wash and dry.
  • No shampoo after. You can put keratin treatment after tho.
  • Color the tips again with clear tone after one week to make it more blonde than yellow.

If you’re coming from brunette hair: 

  • Bleach your hair tips to achieve blonde tips.
  • Apply cleartone if not satisfied with the how the color turned out.
  • No shampoo after. Do put keratin treatment if on hand.

If coming from ombre blonde hair:

  • No need to bleach.
  • Just color with cleartone, your blonde tips will become brighter and your black hair will just turn brown like mine. I told you it would be easy!

Post color tips: 

  • You can skip the shampoo and condition everyday. You can shampoo 2-3 a week.
  • DIY Hair Keratin treatment every week to bring back healthy hair.
  • If you’re lazy, get a Brazilian blowout. This is will also make your hair color more vibrant!
  • Sunflower Beauty Oil (Human Nature) can be your new bestie. Put a small amount in your hand and rub them together then massage hair tips. Just the hair tips! And the beauty oil can be used on your face too. Now that’s a beauty oil!

Remember, life’s too short for boring hair!


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